13 February 2012

Romance Week: Author Spotlight: Julia London.

If you've been reading my blog for a while, you may have noticed that Julia London is one of my favorite romance authors. Which is why I decided to spotlight her work today. I'll start with her latest series: The Secrets of Hadley Green.
The first book in this series (The Year of Living Scandalously) didn't really wow me (as you can read in my short review), but I thought it was a good starting point for the second book. But I will get to that in a minute. Declan and Keira weren't my favorite leading characters of Ms. London's, but I won't forget them. Mainly because of what Keira did and how Declan did everything he could to help her. There's nothing I like more than a gentleman who will help a lady no matter what kind of mess she has made. Even though Keira made a mess of things, she did what truly thought was best to help her dear cousin Lily. Which leads me to the next book.
The Revenge of Lord Eberlin. Due out this month on the 21st. I can hardly wait! It looks much more promising than the first book was, and the sample excerpt I read of it really made me want to read it even more. I hope that the one question left from book one will be answered, because I am dying to know what really happened. I am also dying to know what will happen with Lily and Lord Eberlin; who turned out to be quite a surprising character at the end of book one.
The third book, The Seduction of Lady X, is due out March 27th (this year, of course). I have to admit, I was not exactly wowed by the sample I read of this book, but after going back and reading the synopsis, I am somewhat dying to know what happens. To read more about these books - including a novella about Declan's sister, not to mention to take a peek at the gorgeous covers, you can click right here.

When I first picked up a Julia London novel, which I talked about in my introduction that I posted yesterday, I never thought that I had found a new favorite author. It was sort of gradual. The more of her books I read, the more I became hooked on her historical work. I'm not really a contemporary romance fan, but hers do look interesting, and I have been meaning to pick one up for a while. I just never really knew where to start. But, I think I finally decided which one of hers I want to try first: Wedding Survivor, book one in the Thrillseekers Anonymous series. I thought it looked like a good place to wet my toes in this part of the romance genre because one; it's by Julia London so there's a good chance I will like it, and two, the synopsis sounds like this book holds a little bit of drama, which I love to read about in my romances. (Read more here if you're interested.)

But I'd like to go back to her historical romances for a moment before I wrap this up. One of my favorite historical (regency) trilogies is The Desperate Debutante Series. And not just because the hero in the second book had a scar on his face, but because all of the ladies had to overcome some really tough situations. But I don't want to blather on anymore because I'm getting a little tired of typing, so you can click here to read a little more about Ava, Greer, and Phoebe. If you're interested in picking up a Julia London novel to see why I rave about her so much, I think this series would be a decent place to start.

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