Personal Reading Challenges

When I first got my Nook Color I was so excited, I immediately began searching through the Nook-Book shop. I found four whopping collections in the Steals and Deals section I had to purchase. The first was 50 Classics. The second: 50 Classic Romance Novels, third: 50 Classic Mysteries, and the fourth: The Complete Works of Mark Twain. I was really excited to find them, and at such a great price. Though unfortunately, they've just been sitting in there, unread. But this year, I am going to at least start all of them. And right here, is where I shall keep track of my progress. I don't know if I will review every story I read in these collections, but I am going to count them here as I go along.

The Complete Works of Mark Twain:

Also, I have a copy of The Complete Fairy Tales & Stories of Hans Christian Andersen which I am going to make a better effort at reading my way through this year. I will review this one as a whole when I am finally finished reading it.

Read Count: 3/156