12 February 2012

Cover Candy (1)

Read the synopsis for this book on Goodreads.

Not bad for the first piece of Cover Candy huh? Yes, I admit it, I am a romance novel junkie and I love covers with hot men on them. It is part of the fun of reading romance novels, after all. :)
So, I hope you like ogling the covers I chose this week as much as I loved finding them, and well, ogling them myself. Also, you may notice that I love men in Kilts. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Another example of my oddity is the fact that I'd rather see shiny swords than naked men on book covers. ^^;;; Something must be wrong with me!

Victoria said...

Lol, nothing is wrong with you. But just in case you're interested, there are some covers coming up with men holding swords. :D