13 February 2012

The Beautiful Stranger.

Author: Julia London
Genre: Historical Romance.
Source: Nook Book.
Rating: 3 out of 5.
Book 3 of 4 in The Rogues of Regent Street Series.

Synopsis from the Author's Website:
Arthur would never forget that tragic day: Lord Phillip Rothembow, his cherished comrade, killed senselessly in a duel. In an attempt to clear his late friend's name, Arthur leaves behind England - and the woman who broke his heart - to journey to Scotland. How could he know that his travels would lead him to the most enchanting woman he has ever met?
Desperately fighting to hold on to the land her late husband lost in a foolish business venture, widowed Kerry McKinnon cannot believe that this beautiful stranger has come to seize her home and leave her to a horrible fate. Yet from the moment they meet, something powerful ignites between them. Theirs is a passion that is reckless, scandalous... and impossible to resist. But a shocking crime will force Kerry to flee with Arthur to England, where propriety rules, and where desire can show a world-weary rake that a life without love is the greatest scandal of all...

My Review:
I actually really liked this story, but, it was because of a part of the story that it didn't get that fourth star. I don't want to give it away because I think it was an important part that really sealed the hero and heroine together, so I will only say that it was just too dramatic a part for my tastes lately. Also, while I guess it kind of made sense, I didn't really find it necessary for something that extreme and serious to put them together.
I found Arthur to be rather charming and entertaining. I think he is my favorite rogue in this series - I just found him that lovable, and well, also kind of sad too. Throughout this series I've really felt bad for all of them and even poor Phillip; whom unfortunately we never get to fully meet. In this story it is really because of Phillip that Arthur ventures to Scotland, not knowing that it will change his life forever.
I really liked Kerry as well. I found her to be a very hard-working woman, and I think one of the most admirable leading characters I've ever met. She did everything she could to hang on to her home and to set things right again so her and everyone she cared about could stay in the one place that was truly their home. When she realized she just couldn't reach her goals, I truly felt her devastation. Though knowing Arthur was doing everything he could was rather heartwarming at the same time.
I don't want to go on too much about this story, I'm finding it a little hard not to give away too much even in just little details. (Something I hate doing and finding in other reviews.)  So I will wrap this review up with this: while so far this series has had some serious dramatics, the characters have been likable enough and their own stories within are certainly worth noticing. I can hardly wait to finish this series!

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