03 December 2011

Understanding Jane Austen.

Well, it's December already - and to be honest, I am so behind. Sorry this took so long everyone, but: WELCOME TO JANE AUSTEN MONTH! :)
I was a little worried about this when I first decided I was going to do it. I was going to read Jane Austen's work and other author's Jane-related work if it killed me. & It sort of has - in a good way. I can't say exactly that I understand her work any better, because to be honest, I haven't gotten to any more of her books yet. I did read Pride and Prejudice a while back though, after seeing the movie I just had to read that book. I don't really know what happened, but I just didn't enjoy it as much as I thought I would, as much as I hoped I would. Since then I hadn't been tempted to pick up another Jane Austen book again.
Until, they showed my favorite movie version of it on television. (With Keira Knightley.) So I decided to give it all another chance, instead of ignoring her books in the library and bookstores, and titles from other authors that adored her so much they were enthralled to write their own Austen inspired stories. So there I was last month, checking out books from the library trying to get a head start (it didn't help, my reading habits of late are horrifying), and, even buying the lovely Barnes and Noble leatherbound edition of Jane Austen's complete works. (A happy purchase.) Sadly though, for me and my said reading habits, I only managed to make it through two of those non-Jane written books. Not that I hated them, I really liked them. I think the Darcy factor had something to do with it. Even though he is the only Jane hero I know, I think he will always be my favorite. He and Lizzy Bennet have always outshone Lady Chatterly and Oliver Mellors, even Jane Eyre and Mr. Rochester; as a favorite literary couple. And I am not alone in that, after seeing how many "Mr. Darcy" books there are out there I feel sort of safe saying he could easily rank number one if a poll were ever taken. But of course, to each their own.
I think I already do understand what has made her work so appreciated for so long, and much longer to come. It's still a little hard for me to explain right now, but there definitely is a Darcy factor in there somewhere, for my appreciations of it all. Maybe I just needed the right story on the right day...
Anyhoo, here is what I have planned for this month:
  • Wk. 2: My Reviews. (Sorry, there are only two. So far.)
  • Wk. 3: A Mr. Darcy Week.
  • Wk. 4: Guest Bloggers.
  • Wk. 5: The Wrap-up.
So, I shall make this the end of my unexpectedly long post, and say that I hope you like this month of blogging if you choose to follow it. :)

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Anonymous said...

I don't see the appeal of Darcy, I guess.

Anyway I'm getting ready to read Northanger Abbey.