23 October 2011

24 hr. Read-a-Thon Wrap-up.

Hey Everyone! Well, while I planned to make up the hours I missed by sleeping in, I just have too much to do today, to be able to do so. So I am wrapping it up! While I didn't spend any time with vampires and other supernatural creatures like I wanted to, I still enjoyed the choice of books I did go with. One being a tattered family, and the other a lady scandalized by a rake, with the ton buzzing about it the very next day. (My favorite pass-time.) :p I didn't finish them last night, but I am quite sure I can finish at least one of them tonight.
So thanks to all of the lovely cheerleaders for stopping by, and I hope everyone enjoyed the Read-a-Thon as much as I did!

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bookishhobbit said...

I can't wait to do it again in April. I seen one blogger participating was inspired to do a re-read-a-thon next month so I might have to participate in that one too because I don't take enough time out to read old favorites again.