15 July 2011

Favorite Couples Week: #6

Couple #6: Lady Chatterley and Oliver Mellors.

These two make up my classically doomed couple. I love them because, of all they went through in the entire book, in the end, they are not quite together. I loved and hated both of them. Her, for being what seemed overly sensitive at times. Him, for not being quite sensitive enough. I fear I may not completely understand them though, in the sense of the time they were set in, and what exactly the author was trying to say. I just really don't understand why he wrote them through so much, only for it to be horrifyingly bitter-sweet at the end. I felt there was only a slight possibility that they ever saw each other again. I didn't like that.

And so once again, why are they on this list? Because I found their love and situation so dramatic. Even though their story confused me a little, I still somehow liked their journey. The writing was beautiful, and even with their flaws as any normal person would have, so were they. Despite some major obstacles in their path, they still found little ways to be together, even though I didn't find it quite comforting or certain in the end.

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