16 July 2011

Favorite Couples Week: #7

Couple #7: Evelyn and Nathan Grey.

The entire story of these two characters is one of the reasons why I love Julia London's books so much. Even if everything in the beginning seems broken and hopeless in many ways, by the end of the story, everything will be righted and happy as it should be.
I remember not being able to see a way for these two to be happy at all at first. Not even really nearer to the end of the story it looked like it might not go so well, but it did of course. Nathan and Evelyn's story just seemed so sad and dreadful with everything that had happened in their past, and how badly the present seemed to be going, I could not imagine how they could move forward as they did.
They quickly became two of my favorite characters from Julia London. I loved their personalities, and I was so glad that even though Evelyn was afraid to return home to face the past, she did. And I found how Nathan did his best to protect her, even if it was originally more for his own sake at first, was so touching and showed that he still cared for her enough to at least begin to try to rebuild their tattered relationship. I just love how in her books love always comes out on top. Nathan and Evelyn are the perfect example of that.

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