14 July 2011

Favorite Couples Week: #5

Couple #5: Sookie Stackhouse and Eric Northman.

Okay, so Sookie and Eric have never officially been a couple, but come on, we all know they should be. Right? :) Right.
I will never forget the first time I read Eric Northman. I instantly adored his snarky dead-vampire behind. (Strike 1 against Bill.) I never understood Bill in that first book. Not even really after finally giving in and watching the TV show - which only heightened my beliefs that Sookie should be with Eric, not Bill.
Here's why I think this: in the books (#4 to be exact), Sookie and Eric do get together. But, only because Eric is not himself and Sookie is more attracted to him that way. Now, I don't know what kind of image anyone else has of Eric in their minds, but I have a very decided one on book Eric. And it definitely came completely to definition when I read the fourth book. I found him to seem to be less guarded, less of a smart ass, and even more lovable, more of what could have been his true self. The only thing there that bothered me was that he seemed to think Sookie needed taken care of. I came to this conclusion when he asked why Jason didn't look after her; him being the male. That's the only thing I didn't like, because I am positive that Sookie can take care of herself, despite the supernatural help she has had in the past. But still, one must keep in mind how old Eric is, literally.
Now, here is the thing, I truly think Eric would take care of Sookie. Why would he spend so much time....chasing her and not take care of her? I would like to think that he would open up and show his true self, but I can't even imagine Eric doing that. Perhaps, in his own little Eric way, he would somehow let her in, but I don't think he would do this completely. I can't really explain why I think that, either. Probably because my image of Eric does begin to mingle with the TV show version of him at some point in my "this is how I see Eric Northman..." But, anyway, in the book, it has happened. Therefore, somehow, I think it is possible for Sookie and Eric to be together. And it doesn't have to be awkward or forced, but I do think that someone has to let their guard(s) down for it to be able to work even just a little.
It has occurred to me that I have gone off course a little bit here, but they land in the fifth spot because in the fourth book, they are as together as it seems they ever will be. It was something I had been rooting for as and Eric fan, and I loved it.

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