13 July 2011

Favorite Couples Week: #4

Couple #4: Mared Lockhart and Payton Douglas.

I'll never forget how much I actually disliked these two when I first started reading their book. The last book in the trilogy that really started my love of romance novels.

It was because of Mared's resistance to him, I guess I could understand why she didn't want him, at first. But as I got to know Payton better, I began to wonder if Mared was just plain addle-brained. I'll never forget the very scene in which I found Payton to be a rather...lonely seeming character. It was when Mared walked past and noticed him in his dining room, eating completely alone. While she was on her way to dine with the other household servants, all together. That was just so sad to me. I can't even remember why I didn't like Payton at first, but I do remember thinking how stubborn a woman Mared was turning out to be. (And as I'm sitting here typing that last sentence, I put my finger on why I didn't like Payton so much.) He wasn't aggressive enough. In the previous books in the trilogy, the other two heroes (Mared's brothers) went for what they wanted. Payton just...didn't really. Not enough.

(Then why are they on my favorite couple's list?) Here's why: They finally saw the light. Well, Mared finally did, anyway. Payton never quite gave up wanting her, and he didn't go off and act like a jerk when she kept up her resistance, he pretty much just waited for her. And I loved that.

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