11 July 2011

Favorite Couples Week: #2

Couple #2: Lady Charlotte Wilmont and Viscount (Sebastian) Trent.

They are another pair that I loved via the "she swoons for him but he has no idea she exists" path. Quite literally. I remember the first time I really felt bad for Charlotte. She watched Sebastian sorting through the post he'd received for a good ten minutes or so, and his sister (her best friend) returns downstairs wildly talking about something and he asks who his sister is speaking to. She of course, answers Charlotte. He looks around baffled and finally spots her near the drapes. I was so mortified for poor Charlotte.
But once everything started happening much to Charlotte's shocked surprise, I was ecstatic for her. Very much wanting her to embrace the situation right away, because after all it was what she had been wanting, and Sebastian was finally looking at her the way she wanted him to. But when things changed after Charlotte could no longer stand it, I became very worried. (This is why Elizabeth Boyle has become one of my favorite authors.) Somehow she makes everything turn out alright. There is no more heartbreak, only love coming through at the end of the day, the kind one (me) dreams about. And for me that is the best thing about romance novels, when everything rightly comes together after everything the hero and heroine have been through to be together.

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