10 July 2011

Favorite Couples Week: #1

Welcome to Favorite Couples week; in trying to keep with my Romance theme: I share one of my favorite literary couples every day this week. Hope you enjoy, and share one of yours with me! :)

Couple #1: Lady Hermione Marlowe and Lord Rockhurst.

I love them because of the way they were with one another as a couple. Definitely not the traditional romance couple. That is why I chose them as my first to share. In one way Lady Hermione noticed Lord Rockhurst and longed for him along with the rest of the other young ladies of the ton, while he basically ignored her. But once it was nightfall, every single thing changed and all (well, almost all) of her dreams came true. Not only did she find out Lord Rockhurst's stunning secrets, her whole life changed, for the better. Even so at one point where it seemed that everything was ruined and she would never see Lord Rockhurst in that way again, everything just worked out for them. That's what I love about romances so much, everything is (usually) always okay in the end.

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