31 January 2011

Short Monday: The Musicians of Bremen.

Welcome to short monday. Where I work my way through short story books, poetry books, and whatever else that can be qualified for a short monday. (Please excuse me while I work out the kinks and find the right path for this.)
Short Monday #5: The Musicians of Bremen, part of Grimm's Fairy Tales.
In The Musicians of Bremen, an Ass (donkey, not some jerk, :p) is escaping his demise once he realizes his master is going to get rid of him as his strength has begun to weaken considerably. He decides to go to Bremen to become a musician, on his way there he comes upon a hound in the same position, and persuades him to join him. It goes so on with a cat and a rooster who are also destined to be killed.
When night falls they stop to sleep beneath a large tree. The rooster makes his way to the top branches and spies a light in the distance. He tells his fellow musicians and they move on to investigate. They see that it is a house of four thieves with a huge feast upon their table. the animals, seeing this decide to...play a song. it ends up scaring the thieves so much that they flee the house, allowing the old animals a chance to feast and rest indoors for the night. But the thieves come back at midnight, and they make the mistake of sending only (the dumbest) one inside to see what was the matter once they see that the light has been distinguished inside.
The poor thief gets such a shock of a beating after scaring the cat and all of the animals really, that he believes a witch and her companions have taken over the house. Upon telling his captain his terrifying experience, they decide to leave at once, never to return. Of course, leaving the animals there with the house to themselves.
To be perfectly honest, I don't know what the moral of this story could be. I haven't really thought much on it, though. All I can really say, is that I'm glad the animals lived and nothing horrible happened to them after all. This being a Grimm fairy tale, I wasn't quite sure what to expect.

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