26 January 2011

I love making Bookmarks.

I do, I really, do. :)

I re-made this one today after looking at the old version of it, I decided I actually hated it. Came out much better this time (it's a quote from ALW's POTO):

& While digging for the size for the above bookmark, I found this one:

If you like either of them feel free to print them out for yourself. I usually take a huge roll of tape and try my best to put the tape over them so they last a little longer (though it can be a bit of a pain to do so). Or, if they'll fit inside you could always put them in a slip you may already have from a bookmark you've bought at a store.

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Anonymous said...

I still have an old bookmark I made using an index card and colored pencils. It was for the first Stephen King novel I owned. I feel like making some more to sustain my current mania for all things Middle-earth...!