19 June 2009

Christy Brown: The Life that Inspired My Left Foot.

Synopsis from B&N.com: Christy Brown was severely disabled from birth with cerebral palsy and unable to use any part of his body other than his left foot. Doctors said that he was a mental defective and would never be able to lead a normal life; Christy proved them wrong. Written with the help of his surviving family members and artists who knew him well, this first authorized biography tells the astonishing story of Christy's struggle with his disability and his development as an artist, author, and poet, beginning with his mother teaching him to read and write using chalk on the worn floor of their small family home. Christy's memoir My Left Foot was published in 1954 and later made into an Academy Award–winning film starring Daniel Day-Lewis, while his bestselling novel Down All the Days was described by The Irish Times as "the most important novel since Ulysses." Using previously unpublished letters and poems, this book marks Christy Brown's importance as a writer and celebrates his will to succeed.
This was...a wonderfully eye-opening book. I am so glad I read it. Last year I became very interested in Christy Brown as an artist, but I never really, really realized just what an amazing artist and person he was. I am astounded at what he accomplished with his left foot. I cannot even begin to describe well enough of how much more I simply adore this man for his perseverance and the beauty of his life.
It was interesting to know the extra details, and the people that were in Christy's life. I think Ms. Hambleton did a wonderful job with this book. Very detailed, and well, personal. I felt I got a real look into Christy's life, I especially enjoyed his letters - they displayed such an articulate mind. Not that I think someone who can only control their left foot should be an idiot, but the fact that he hadn't any proper schooling is what gets me for that fabulous mind he had.
I fear I am going to begin rambling, so I will cut this review short, it is a lovely book on Christy Brown, and this, along with his auto-biography My Left Foot, is a wonderful start if you are interested in learning more about him. I also recommend trying out his poetry. I found it very refreshing when I read it last year, he was very talented.

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