01 July 2009

Highland Destiny.

In Highland Destiny by Kathryn Hockett, a feud has been raging for years between the clan's of the MacLeod's and the MacDonald's. But everything changes once Malcolm MacDonald announces to his two nephews (Niall and Gregor) that he is going to choose once of them as tanist. (From what I could gather this would be future leader of the clan after his demise.) Niall MacDonald knows he is the man for this honored position, but how must he get his uncle's attention? He decides the only way to do this is to sneak into the enemy's castle (Dunvegan) and steal their beloved fairy flag. Though meanwhile, Ian MacLeod has had enough of his daughter Caitlin's delays to be married. After a few wasted attempts to try to force her to choose a husband, he looses his temper and declares that she will marry the next man to set foot in Dunvegan Castle.
Feeling scared and afraid, Caitlin goes up to the guard tower late one night to see if her brother's ghost will appear - whom was killed long ago in a battle between the two rival clans. To her surprise she does see someone there, and believes it is her dead brother. Only it is Niall who has previously fallen into a barrel of flour while sneaking into the castle. His charade does not last for long as his eagerness to get his hands on the flag ruins his plans of a smooth escape. Outraged, Caitlin takes him directly to her father's chambers at sword point, expecting him to get just what he deserves: a one way ticket to the dungeon for the rest of his days. But, neither father nor daughter knowing he is a MacDonald, Niall uses his quick wits to talk his way out of the dungeon and into Caitlin's bed - as her husband. He claims he tried stealing the flag as a show of his bravery, and he is really just a fisherman who heard of Ian's outburst, and has come to claim his daughter.
What unfolds from there is like a Romeo & Juliet path of events, except nobody ends up dead at the end.
Well, it took me forever to read this book, but I really enjoyed it. It was nice and easy and had me worried about the characters fate's more than once. Even over-looking the slow beginning and the annoying language until I got used to it and all the cheese that is usually found in a romance novel such as this, I really liked this story and appreciated what Caitlin and Niall fought through to be together. Very well worth sticking with this one.

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