11 May 2009

Scandal Weeks Wrap-Up.

Well. While I planned to read three scandalous books over these past two weeks, I only read one actual "scandalous" book. [The Foreigner] But considering my reading habits of late, one is actually pretty good for me right now. Especially since the power of my MP3 player is finally beginning to wear off (big-fat-YAY) so I can get back into reading. Which is great, because scandal weeks held it's real purpose; which was to tear me away from that wicked Sansa Fuze of mine. :p lol. It's still working greatly. I'm interested in reading again like I was last year (yay) and I've been trying to make my poor blog as active as possible again. :) I think I'm doing okay.

It also helps that Julia London's The Book of Scandal is sweeping me up in the lives of Lord and Lady Lindsey. :) An added bonus: The next book (Highland Scandal) in the series takes place in Scotland! I LOVE that setting. :)

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