08 May 2009

The Foreigner.

In The Foreigner, by Francie Lin, we meet Emerson Chang. A forty year old bachelor who leads a less than exciting life in his stuffy pressed suits as a financial analyst. His world is flipped upside down by the death of his mother, which leads him to a completely life changing adventure of sorts to Taipei to settle the inheritance of his mysteriously crooked younger brother; Little P.
The way this story is written alone is well worth the read. Filled with characters you may never want to come across in real life, Emerson struggles with a fear he harbors for his little brother who he believes has been roped in to a criminal underworld - but to what extent he is completely clueless. While there, he makes valuable unexpected friends and finds things out about his brother's dealings and everyday life that I didn't even guess were coming. By the end of this book you may be as shocked as I was at how Emerson's fight to save what was left of his family had drastically changed along with his life in general.
The Foreigner unfolds a highly amusing and sometimes funny page turning road of self discovery and shocking secrets and truths.

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