06 May 2009

June Reading Plan.

Yes. I have a reading plan for June, and it's a great one if you like Christy Brown!
I decided that in June, since that is when his birthday is (the 5th), I am going to read the remainder of his books I have left on my reading list:
  • A Shadow on Summer
  • Wild Grow the Lilies
  • A Promising Career

I've already read all of his poetry books, which I absolutely adored. I'll probably check out one of them again next month. Probably The Collected Poems. Also if another book is available through the library's Link+ program, I shall get that one too. I wanted to buy it oh so badly last year but I simply haven't been able to afford it. It's been in the catalog listing for a few weeks now, but the call number isn't up yet so it's still in processing. But boy once that call number goes up, I'll be hittin' that request button faster than a rugged highlander man. :p

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