06 May 2009

The Bounty Hunter's Bride.

Synopsis: The long journey across the West ended in sorrow for one hopeful mail-order bride. Dani Baxter stepped off the train in Colorado, only to learn that her intended had died suddenly, leaving three young daughters behind. And suddenly she knew why God had sent her here—to make this family whole again.
But her late fiancĂ©'s brother, Beau Morgan, a bounty hunter obsessed with vengeance, believed that was his duty. He proposed they marry—in name only— for the children's sake. But as she came to know him, she realized she wanted more, much more. And she wondered if even this lost man could somehow find peace in a woman's loving arms. (B&N.com)

Well. I was expecting this story to go a little differently than the way it actually did. I was thinking Beau would propose to Dani and they'd get married and then she'd fall in love with him and it would be one big happy-throw-up ending. Like I was in the mood for. Nope. I'm not saying it went badly, but I'm feeling a little mis-led at the order of things in the synopsis.

Anyhoozer, Victoria Bylin's nice little tale about how Beau and Dani come to love one another was...a little on the dull side. It was too "everything's going to be alright." Not enough character development. Too little time spent on the characters emotions towards one another. It didn't feel real enough for me. However, while the characters left me generally unsatisfied, I liked how the way their lives turned out together. (If that makes any sense!)

Just one of those nice little stories. But not a reading life or death one. So if you're in the mood for something light and easy - and if you don't mind a bit of bad editing, this could be for you.

This was my first book read for the Support Your Local Library Challenge.

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