12 May 2009

The Book of Scandal.

In Julia London's The Book of Scandal, we meet Lord and Lady Lindsey, trying their best not to be entangled in a royal scandal, while also trying to rebuild their tattered marriage - which crumbled greatly after the death of their fifteen month old son; Robbie. Whom was a sickly child from birth. After the death of their son, Evelyn - Lady Lindsey, traveled to London alone to mourn his death, where she ended up spending three years waiting on Princess Mary. But when a scandal arises prompting a Delicate Investigation of Princess Caroline's actions, Evelyn must return home with her estranged husband Nathan - Lord Lindsey, very much against her will or face possible charges of treason. This means she must confront her past demons and her husband whom she loathes, at first. After spending time at her old home of Eastchurch Abbey, trying to avoid everything that reminds her of her old life and her beloved son, Evelyn finds things aren't as badly off as they may seem, and that old hurts don't feel as fresh and unbearable as she feared they may be.

I very much enjoyed this story. However, I thought it might be more about the scandal of Princess Caroline and her husband, Prince George. Compared to how much time was spent on the story of Evelyn and Nathan, it was hardly mentioned. I do realize though that this book was meant to really be about those two, but I couldn't help but be curious about a scandal between the Prince and Princess that really happened, which is why I was grateful in the author's note that Ms. London suggested a few books on that subject, which I certainly intend to check out. Anyhoo, this was a wonderfully written page turning story, even though I had a feeling I knew who the mysterious man stalking Evelyn was, and was right about, after a few clues which clicked together perfectly. I was rooting for Nathan to win Evelyn back, and for poor Evelyn to finally truly come to terms and face her grief for their son, so that she and Nathan could still have a chance to rekindle and rebuild. That is something I always love about Julia London's books; her characters are always lovable and charming, and her stories are always greatly done.

The Book of Scandal is book one in Julia London's Scandalous Series. Followed by Highland Scandal which is out now, then to be followed by A Courtesan's Scandal due out in November 2009.

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Mishel said...

I'm slowly getting into historical romance and this seems like a great book to add!