21 May 2009

library books, yay!

Just a short post to say: I picked up my library books today. :) Yayness. I'm going to read them in the following order: The Red Scarf (the cover just sweeps me away, I love it so much!), Chez Moi, How the Dead Dream, and The Labrador Pact.
I have to finish Highland Scandal first though. It's turning into one of those books that I'm scared to keep reading, because it looks like there's going to be some trouble starting within the next few pages. I'm just rooting for Jack so much right now, ugh, it looks ugly, because "the other guy" (Gavin) has just showed up. Either the other guy will walk, or Jack will have to fight for Lizzie. While I love a good romance fight, I hope Gavin walks! :p
That's it for now peeps!

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