30 April 2009

Scandal Week: Revised & Extended.

Well. I decided to extend my scandal week into two weeks. & I made that nifty graphic up there. :p Boredom. Yay. Anyhoo, I'm only one chapter into The Book of Scandal, but there is good reason for that; two other reads I have going. I'm really into The Foreigner (which technically, does have a scandal going on it, in it's own way. Very good reading.) And, The Bounty Hunter's Bride, which I'm sort of disliking actually. It's a good story (50 pages in) but I didn't really realize that it was *inspirational* fiction. Ah well though. I'm still willing to keep reading so I guess it's not really that bad. It really has me curious as to how everything is going to turn out.

So, with those other two reads that have been sort of added to my scandalous reading, I needed to extend it so I could finish all of my books I had chosen for it. So. Yay. :p

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