22 April 2009

Next Week is going to be Scandalous. *

(I have not abandoned my blog. Really.)
So. Yes. Next week, I am going to dub my scandal week. I've never had a themed reading week, so this should be fun. Also, it will be fun to get back into my beloved reading. & I swear I will not disappear again! Books lined up:

Notice an author theme as well? :p I just love Julia London, she is definitely one of my favorite historical romance authors. :) So I figured what better author to get back into reading than her? Oh, her newest book, Highland Scandal came out yesterday, so go look at it at least, if you're a romance fan of course. It is book two in her Scandal series. (Book one: The Book of Scandal.) I picked my copy up today. I would have yesterday, but well, it was just too hot to go anywhere. I am so glad it has begun to cool down today.

So that's that. I'm waiting on the second book in my list up there to come in from the library, hopefully by Saturday. (I'm also waiting for Mail Order Bride by Victoria Bylin. I just could not wait for this one anymore.) But first this week I must find out what happens to Little P and his brother Emerson in The Foreigner by Francie Lin. I started it months ago but I had to take it back to the library before I could finish it due to me lazy reading habits. Ugh.

See everyone next week! (I swear.) :D

update on scandal week!

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