10 March 2009

There's Something Strange in Erik-Land...

Okay, so this feels like it's going to be (somewhat) a loaded post..here we go, wee!
Well, I gave up on Anna McPartlin's Pack up the Moon. It's not bad, it has me intrigued enough to keep going, but some other time - because I am no longer excited about it. I need to get re-excited about reading it and having it from the library. I also felt very strange not having read a Phantom of the Opera related book yet this year. The past two years in a row, I've started the reading year with a phantom book. This, I think shall be continued year after year, because well, I'm just obsessed with the character and it just feels right. :p Also I think it will be fun to have a *reading tradition* of my own of sorts.
So, now I am reading book two in Sadie Montgomery's Phoenix of the Opera series - The Phantom's Journey: Out of the Darkness. Call me crazy, but I think there is something a little strange going on with Erik and Meg in this book. They just don't seem like themselves..for me it feels like she strayed a bit too much from Leroux's original character. I realize this may be an attempt at making it all her own, but sometimes it can be a little over done. I'm finding myself not liking this new sensitive-man version of Erik. Oddly enough though, I can't stop reading. I also can't stop thinking, "God. This is getting worse by the sentence." But I still can't put it down! So I guess it's a good sign. I still intend to get the next book sometime this year, and then of course, the fourth and final book to see how this all ends. Oh, I can't stand Lucianna. I think she is a filthy-greedy Erik whore. I can't really blame her, but OMG, she completely molested him over and over, which was disgusting, and her excuse for it was definitely not enough. Yucky. If it were done to the old Erik I think he would have killed her, or at least given her a smack to put her back in line, right? Right! But enough about this disturbance.
I found out I won't have to be so very embarrassed at the library whenever I make it back in there, because I can pay my fines online, woohoo! I will definitely never slack this badly in the future. Ugh, one big mountain of never-had-to-be-this-bad it was. Never again will I be this lazy. Ever.
I don't know what will be next in line for reading after Out of the Darkness (56 pages to go), but I have some books on my own shelves that have been calling to me. Probably The Boy in the Striped Pajamas, I really want to read that one this year, and soon. Oh! the movie comes on DVD today, so go buy it! I haven't actually seen the film yet though, but it is a wonderfully tragic story. And I don't think I will be able to buy it for a few more weeks (bleah), I didn't get a chance to see it because it wasn't playing anywhere around here at a theater my mom and I were willing to go to. So we missed it then. I can't wait to finally go and buy it though! :)
Anywhoo, that's all I can think of for now, and at the rate I've been devouring my current read, there might (FINALLY!) be a review tomorrow. Yay me. :p

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