26 February 2009

shoo crickets, or I shall stomp you.

Hello all in blog land. Have you ever gotten completely consumed in something and not even noticed you neglected everything else you loved to do? That's what happened to me. My Sansa Fuze mp3 player completely kidnapped me. Sorry about the absence.
I haven't read a thing in weeks and boy is that jarring considering I could barely live between books last year. I also racked up a huge fine at the library. Confused due dates, and laziness at checking on when they were really due is the cause. I know it's around ten dollars now. Wow, now that I'm typing it it's really embarrassing! And now that it's truly starting to sink in as my Watchmen hold gets closer to coming, I don't even know if I'll be able to look my favorite librarian in the eye! I was doing so good with my returns, and oy, I bet she wonders what happened to me. I haven't been there in over a month I think.
I'm going to try my best at finishing Anna McPartlin's "Pack Up the Moon" before it's due, and then I'll go in and get it over with. All I have to do is ignore my mp3 player as much as possible. I don't know how it happened, but it made me feel like I couldn't do anything without it being in my hand or in my vision somewhere nearby. lol. Damn those obsessive little things. And omg, when I figured out to put videos on it, I think that is when I was completely gone and ignoring books. lol.
Ugh. Hi, I'm a music junkie again. *waves* And to prove it I got this phat-ass chain. (It's a boombox and headphones.) So me.
So, let's all hope I have a review to put up next week!

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Mishel said...

Ahh I was wondering where you had ran off too. Music...such a devious little thing. I miss my iPod, I haven't uploaded new songs to it in ages because frankly I'm too lazy. So I know how all-consuming they can be. At least you were having fun (= Suck to hear about the library. I know how it feels to feel embarressed like that. I would hate to go back in there. But I hope you jump back on the reading wagon (= It'll be nice to see you back in action again.

P.S. your bling is so cute. i'm super jealous (=