10 March 2009

yay for used books!

I loved used book stores, and stores that sell used books. Lots. :)

I got those a couple of weeks ago. They are: The Lord of the Rings trilogy in one big volume. (For ten dollars. One of the corners is worn and bent up a little, there was nicer one, but I preferred the more beat up one, to give it a good home after it's "abuse." :p) I already have the trilogy in a boxed set I got off of ebay, but I have a strange thing going with Tolkien books I guess. I have three different copies (I almost bought a fourth with the LOTR, I still may go back for one) of The Hobbit, and now two versions of the trilogy. :) hehe. I found it at the used book store. While there I searched for Georgette Heyer books (there were none! which I found shocking, why it was shocking I am unsure of.) Also I looked for the Inkheart books, also, there were none. Not so shocking.

After the used book store, we wandered on over to the thrift store next door. The proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, so I definitely had to get the two others when I saw them. I realize how crappy my picture is (yay) so you don't have to strain, the yellow and green one is Louisa May Alcott's Little Women, Good Wives, and Little Men. All in one. The last with the two guys on the cover which looks like one is being dragged (or, he is possibly being helped over a large rock) is Robert Louis Stevenson's Scottish Novels. As the cover states. The novels are Kidnapped, Catriona, The Master of Ballantrae, & Weir of Hermiston. Two more extremely interesting books for six dollars. Yay. :)

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