09 January 2009

View Over Inkdeath.

While reading Inkdeath a couple of nights ago, I looked up, and saw this, staring at me over the book. That's my dog Brownie. :)
As I'm nearing the very end of Inkdeath (121 pages to go!), I'm a little scared at how the story is going. Everything just seems awful and is just going wrongwrongwrong. I do not like the look of things to come. Resa and Elinor are getting on my nerves and I wish someone would kill Orpheus already. I just hate him.
Anywhoozer, I went shopping yesterday, woohoo! I love to shop, even if I don't buy anything. My mom needed some last minute things for her trip with dad to Reno this weekend, and I went with her, to Kohl's. I bought these jeans, and these shoes that I am in love with. They're really sleek looking and oh so comfortable. I can't wait for a chance to wear them. I'm going to be home all weekend with the doggies, which I don't mind at all because I love them. I have a weekend filled with reading and audio books ahead of me. Oh, and brownie making. I love them. I am a choco-holic and brownies are heaven to me. :p

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Mishel said...

Your dogs are oh so cute! && I love brownies haha I see you named one of your dogs after the delicious treat. I hope you have a good weekend (=