07 January 2009

Random Updates.

Well, yesterday...was pretty basic. Wandered around the grocery store and came home with the prettiest cupcakes I've ever seen, among other needed things. Later that night I read more of Inkdeath and pondered on how I let myself get such a huge stack of books from the library. Oh, and I took some pics of myself because I was just plain bored, and I like to do that. :p This is my favorite one. I also edited it with my favorite lyric from All These Things That I've Done, by The Killers, I love them right now.
Speaking of Inkdeath, I am devouring this huge book. I love it, but it makes me sad to know that I'm nearly done with the trilogy. It's one of my favorite ones, ever. I've been reading a little over a hundred pages a night, trying to pace myself. I'm on page 441. I'll probably be finished by tomorrow night. One of my predictions has proven wrong, but another has proven right, and I am thrilled over that! I'm really excited to find out what happens with this story, and how Mo is going to get away, if he does! Eek. I don't like thinking about Mo not getting away. I also want to find out if they stay in the Inkworld. And I hope someone kills Mortola. I just hate her. Oh, you know what I would love to see one day from Cornelia Funke; is a book on the Inkworld that they are in, like Fenoglio's story. I would so love to read that. I hope she writes it someday. I truly do. I think that would be wonderful.
I saw the first (to me) Inkheart trailer on TV last week. I was thrilled, and not so thrilled. Because it looks like they strayed from the book, a lot. And I hate that. Immensely. But who knows, perhaps it will turn out to be good. I hope. Even if it stinks, at least I'll get to sit and stare at Andy Serkis and Brendan Fraser. :p
That's pretty much all I can think of right now, so I shall end it here.

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Mishel said...

I really want to start the Inkheart trilogy. I have so many books sitting at home that have been patiently waiting for my attention. But Inkheart is definitely high on my TBR list.

P.S. those cupcakes are too cute! I love the colors. But I like homemade cupcakes myself. That goes for cookies and cake too. I don't like the ones you buy already made. They taste too different for me *shrugs*