09 January 2009


I just finished reading Inkdeath, and I feel very accomplished. I love finishing trilogies/series'/etc. Because then I get really involved with, and attached, to the characters. I hate seeing them go. But the great thing is that it's a book, and you can always revisit them whenever you want to. :) In a heartbeat, even.
I was stunned, excited, happy, and sad by this book. It was wonderful. My actual review shall come tomorrow or Sunday, as I am still soaking it all in. There shall be spoilers, so if you don't want to find out what happens, stay away from my review! :p I already know I am just going to rave about it to my little heart's content. :)

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Mishel said...

haha Well since I have yet to read them I will sadly stay away from the review...for now (= So glad you finished it though. Any big series or trilogies up next?