16 January 2009

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.

Where to begin. I don't think I'm going to actually review this book, as much as just post my thoughts on it directly from last night. But I will surely say, that it is definitely a book that should be read. And, I think it's the saddest story, that I've ever read.
I haven't actually read it however, I listened to it on audio book. And while it was fun, it was also a new experience. This was the first book that I listened to on audio book, and I was so excited, and had a much better response to it and paid much more attention to it than I thought I would be able to, because my mind tends to wander without much notice of my brain at times.
All I can really say, is that I truly enjoyed this book, and came away very heartbroken from it. I sat in my room last night and listened to the last two parts. I just could not wait any longer to find out what happens to Bruno and Shmuel. And while I was finding out, I found myself very scared for both of them and was whispering "oh my god, no" over and over again. By the time it was over I was crying my eyes out. All I could do was sit there on my bed and breathe. I just couldn't believe it.
There's an interview with the author; John Boyne, at the end, it shed light on some questions I had about this book and I found his thoughts and views very interesting.
Even though I feel a little dreadful about having the actual book sitting on my bookshelf right now, having to look at it, I do plan on actually reading it sometime this year, when I'm ready to know this story again.

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