20 October 2008


Spoilers (or at least half-spoilers) are within.
You know, I was worried about these books being so long, I was afraid I would get tired of the characters and of the story and that it would drag (honestly, sometimes it does feel so a little smidgen of a bit, but I digress), but, I've become quite enraptured by the characters and the story and the land of the Inkworld, so those feelings have gone away. I'm so glad I found out about this series because it is truly wonderful.
In Inkspell, by Cornelia Funke; we return to Meggie & company to see how the untied adventure in Inkheart ends - only to find that by the end of this story there are more unanswered questions and adventures left for the readers and characters alike. (I look forward to finding out what happens in the next book.) We first meet "cheese faced" Orpheus, someone Dustfinger has been searching for who can do for him what he's been dreaming and longing for: returning him to his own story. Orpheus succeeds, but he refuses to read Farid in with Dustfinger because he does not belong in the story, and thus Farid is left behind and faced with two familiar villains, in which the adventure begins.
By the end of this story I was filled too much with wonderment on Dustfinger's final fate, and I felt like punching Orpheus right in his cheese faced nose! I was very touched at Dustfinger's sacrifice and I just wanted to cry and turn away from the book at that point because it was too sad. It wasn't an entirely sad book though, I did find myself laughing and happy while reading it, with the exceptions of those parts that required other feelings not so bright. I wish I could understand Roxanne's reaction to Farid at the ending, but I can't, really. I sort of can, but there's just something missing in it for me & I hope it will be explained further and hopefully resolved in the next book.
If I had to pick a favorite character out of this trilogy, it would have to be the Black Prince. He's just so...wonderful. He's like someone you've always wanted to meet and have on your side in the rough road of life. I just adore his character. Another character I really like is Basta, even though he's a villain. He's just so amusing.
I couldn't help but ponder a few predictions this time, so here they are:
  • Elinor will end up the Inkworld, either through Darius or Meggie. I can't decide which. But I know it would be positively heartbreaking if she didn't even get two minutes in the Wayless Wood, it would just feel so wrong.
  • I think Orpheus will definitely take his time bringing back Dustfinger, and Farid will finally have to force him to do so, and it may not work, but I really wish it will.
  • (This one is more of a hope) The Black Prince and his bear will stay alive and free. It would be too horrifying to see his character be killed, or captured again.
  • (Another hope) Roxanne will be more understanding and possibly have less anger toward Farid, because he really did care for Dustfinger possibly as much as she did. It'd be too sad if she never forgave him.
  • I also hope that the Adderhead will get what he has coming to him. I think Mortola might be the one to kill him, but who knows what will happen.

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Anonymous said...

Hello! Um I just wanted to say that I also LOVED the Inkheart Trillogy. I didn't read Inkdeath because I am somewhat afraid of how it will end... Post how you're liking it! I Pretty much am Meggie. There isn't a sngle thing I can't relate with her in. I don't look much like her but I am her at heart. I heard that Inkdeath drowns her out a bit... is that true? I also am a book gobbler... I don't see how I could live without them! Many People say I read too much... I see you like Beatrix Potter... have you seen that movie? You should. Also Jane Austen is a wonderful writer too! I LOVE writing, but I am not too great at it! LOL! Well, I am very pleased to see another Inkworlder at heart!