22 October 2008

Creepy Security Gaurd.

Yesterday, I went to pick-up Inkdeath & the movie "Drillbit-Taylor," and I was freakin' excited about it, I couldn't wait to finish one of the other books I am currently reading, so I broke down and I read a couple of chapters of Inkdeath (so far, I loves.) last night because it was calling to me too much for me to enjoy Twilight - which I have to admit, I think is just okay so far. I hope it will pick up, and I 've heard good things about it everywhere, so I'm hanging in there with it.
Anyhoo, I always try to be polite when I go anywhere these days, because well, I have a problem with negativity, such as it freakin' spreads through me quickly, and I don't like that. Especially when random people feel they have to tell me to smile and then I am forced to grind my teeth at their unwanted and sometimes offensive suggestion. But I digress, going to the library always puts me in a good mood, so it's easier to smile and say "hello" and "thanks." They recently have a new (odd-looking) security guard, he seems nice enough though and the first time I saw him I gave a polite smile and walked into the library. But yesterday, it was different. And not a comfortable different for me at least. I'm probably blowing this way out of proportion and horribly mis-reading the "situation" but I just can't help feeling weird about it. He was standing outside the door as usual, but I didn't even look at him as I walked past (must I every single time?). Besides, when I noticed him as I was walking up the walkway he was looking elsewhere. Anyhoo, when I was checked out and walking to the door I noticed he had come inside, and as I was walking past him, he whispered "goodbye" to me. Why do I think this is creepy? He whispered it. What. The. Hell. Why did he have to whisper it? The only non-creepy reason I can think of is that, perhaps he is shy. No one else whispers in that library. It really annoyed me at first, but it actually feels friendlier in there when it's not so quiet. Anyway, am I blowing it up? I couldn't help but walk out as quickly as possible, not that I paused at all when he said it, I don't even remember if I managed a smidgen of a smile and I couldn't get out of the door fast enough for some insane reason...am I making too much of this?
Anyhoo, tonight I plan to hole myself up in my room and watch my movie and read my books. I'd be reading right now, but there's too much laundry for me to ignore and I want to take this time to build my Shelfari, because my brother is such a computer hog (World of Warcraft fan, he is), I must take the Internet time when I can get it. :)

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Jena said...

Normally I encourage people to go with their gut instinct. If you think it was creepy, then it was creepy. A couple reasons he might have whispered:

A) laryngitis

B) he didn't really mean to, it just came out that way

C) he has to overcome what the horrible, bullying librarians of his childhood instilled in him, so whispering is his default mode inside any library

or, like you said, maybe he's just shy.

or very creepy. let us know if it happens again.