14 August 2008

Pirates and Kommandants. *

I tried reading the book on Blackbeard last night after I finished with Inkheart, but it turned disappointing. So back to the library it shall go. (Probably tomorrow.) I knew by the cover that it was based on a television special that I had seen in the past, but it was nothing like it. I hoped it would have maybe a few extra details or show how they researched and created that special, but they did not. It just had pirate information I had already read in previous books, and just wasn't interesting at all. The writing wasn't even "dressed up" any. I wasn't really expecting roller-coaster emotion writing, but I couldn't even imagine holding the objects they talked about or see the ships for what they really must have been. There was one good thing about it though: the pictures. I went through the book and looked at all of them before I put it away. Very pleasant to see.

I decided to move onto The Kommandant's Girl, by Pam Jenoff. I am so glad I did. It's already proving to be a great read and touching and exciting at moments, which is great. I cannot wait to see how it all unfolds. Especially what happens between Emma and the Kommandant. I hope it holds it's kind of "what happens next" consistency. It looks promising already, and I hope it doesn't disappoint.

Now. Wow for me. I cannot believe I am now halfway through my challenge. 25 books read already. At this time last year I definitely had not read 25 books already. Last year I only read 27 books. That is the highest number I have ever read. This year I decided to go for 50. I don't know what made me think I could read 50, but I am trying for it. I don't think I ever had enough faith in my reading habits to really know that I can read 50 in one year, but I know I can do better than just 27 in one year. So far I think I'm doing okay. There is still a flicker of hope for 50, but right now I'd be satisfied with only 35-40. I already know, that if I just reach 35, I'll still feel pretty good about this challenge, knowing I did my best for it. :) Besides, If I don't reach 50 this year, I can try again next year, because I am really enjoying this challenge. :)

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