15 August 2008

The Kommandant's Girl.

This book; The Kommandant's Girl, by Pam Jenoff...was just so sad. And yet I devoured it. I loved this book. I can barely wait to get to the follow up book, The Diplomat's Wife.

I'm not sure how to describe this book without giving things away, but I will say that it is heart-wrenching, exciting, and sweet in some places. It is a must read.

Set in Poland during WWII, we meet Emma and her loved ones, seemingly struggling to survive, and concealing the truth that is swamped in lies, that if reavealed, could mean the end to all of them. Not so much actual war action is described at all, but mostly the love story growing and conflicting in Emma's heart, which I found so interesting and shocking I could harldy put this book down.

Highly recommended.


MizB said...

Ahh... I posted my other comment (about "The Diplomat's Wife") before finding this review. ;)

Now I must read this, too! I loved TDW, so it'd be great to go back and read Emma's story. She's featured in TDW, too, but only as a side-character, and you get hints at what must've happened in "The Kommandant's Girl".

Jena said...

I devoured this one, too. but I haven't read The Diplomat's Wife yet. I'm not sure I will. I got the feeling that Jenoff is a bit of a formula writer, and I don't have much patience for that anymore. am I wrong?