29 August 2008

Definitely Psycho-Gross.

Just a little note on American Psycho. Before I add the pictures I took with it.

Uhmm...it's gross. Patrick Bateman has to be one of the most disgusting characters I've ever read, and yet he intrigues me to no end. He's just so...full of himself. All the "fashion" and high-end gadgetry descriptions are driving me nuts, but I can understand why they are there, (even though I hate them and they give me a headache reading through the very frequent descriptive descriptions..) I know they are important to Patrick Bateman because he is a yuppie jerk-wad and that seems to be a sort-of big part of his life. Anyhoo, I can already see everything else vulgar and bloody having an at least somewhat graphic description. I'm not looking forward to this, but I am looking forward to finding out what happens to the strangely interesting Patrick Bateman, no matter how vulgar I find his path to be.

The pictures, out of boredom and hesitancy to open the book and keep reading, because I know what is eventaully coming, the killing. Yay. >o<

P.S. - The tattoo is annoyingly hard to get in a decent shot. :p

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