01 September 2008

Musing Mondays.

Do you ever reread books? Do you have any favorites that you like to reread over
and over, maybe once a year? What are they? What do you think you get out of
rereading a book? Why do you do it?

Yes. But I haven't re-read any books since January (Deception by Shirley Yoshinaka - one of my favorite Phantom of the Opera "follow-up" reads.) & March (Phantom by Susan Kay - another of my favorite Phantom books). Though next year when I am done with my 50 Book Challenge, I plan on doing some more re-reading, because there are some characters I am really missing, if that makes any sense at all, lol. I do have some favorites that I like to re-read, and would like to return to because they were a new book to me this year that I came across and want to read again. My re-read list is currently at seventeen books, eight I've re-read already in the past, nine I want to return to. The books being at the top of that list are The Hobbit (which I've read four times) and Deception, which I've read twice, and am longing to return to again already even though I read it in January. I think that one is the happiest phantom-tales I've come across so far and may always be my absolute favorite one. I just love to return to a good book and relive everything with the characters and bring them back to life and stir those ever growing emotions I feel for their stories with each read.

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