11 July 2008

yay for new books.

and, new bookmarks. :)

I went to the bookstore (Barnes & Noble) today with my birthday money (hee!) and browsed around for a good short while. I got two books I've been wanting for a while now (Dracula, and Frankenstein.), and two bookmarks. I didn't really have any intention of getting new bookmarks, but I wandered over there and saw they actually had some rather nice ones this time. One particularly gorgeous one I fell in love with the moment I picked it up and took a closer look. The little inserted paper in the cover with it says it is handmade. Also it says: "Global Art preserves the natural beauty of nature in the form of flowers and ferns." And then in a separate second paragraph: "Through these preserved flowers a wide range of captivating designs are made by our expert designers to immortalise the beauty and freshness of the seasons." Lovely sounding isn't it? :) Then while at the register I spotted the "Initial It" ones I have been eyeing for weeks now. They didn't have a "V" one (grr!) but they did have an "S" which my last name starts with, so I got that one. It's orange and has a butterfly, which I love.

That's my brother's cat; Shadow, there checking out my books. lol. I usually don't get mass market paperbacks unless it's a romance novel, cos well, that's pretty much all those come in, but I didn't really like the trade-size covers, so I got these, and, it was smarter money-wise for me to get these. Not to mention the way better covers. :p

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Alessandra said...

Hi! This is Alessandra from Bookalytics. Nice blog you have here! I love those bookmarks. Good luck with your 50 books challenge!