10 July 2008

what's next...

Right now I am reading Marcia Willett's The Courtyard. I am only five chapter's in (out of thirty-eight) and I am really liking it. I wasn't too sure about it at first though, but somewhere among those first five chapters I got sucked in and interested. I think it's the character Gillian that has me most interested; for her motives, and I want to see if she gets *busted* by anyone. lol. At the end I hope I can find this as a great, or even just good, story.
This is sort of a break from reading Christy Brown, (I have three of his novels left to read from the library) not that I'm bored with his work, because it is lovely and he had a fantastic way with words, but I just need a mixture of authors. Especially since I've just read five of his works in a row. I was thinking of reading my favorite Sherlock Holmes stories in between his books as well, because I haven't even touched my volume of the work in so long. (Positively dreadful of me. :p) Also, recently on PBS, I saw one of my favorites - The Copper Beeches, turned into live action and I just loved it. So it sort of lit the flame again for Mr. Holmes and his faithful partner Dr. Watson. So I guess I shall be reading those again soon. :)
Also, due to my continuing obsession with Christian Bale, I decided to get the book (from the library, of course) American Psycho, since he was in the movie. I'm not quite looking forward to it though, they have it listed as horror fiction. (Of course I already knew it would be from watching the movie.) I hate horror fiction. But I am a bit in the mood for a literary chill-thrill, so it might just hit the spot, and hopefully it won't be too....horrifying.
There is also a load (38, I believe) of other library books I want to get (slowly but surely), the catalog just seems to be getting better and better by the month for their new books listings. And I am so glad for that. :) It gives me something to do library related, and of course, new things to read. :p

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S. Krishna said...

I saw the movie version of American Psycho and wasn't the biggest fan. I'm curious to know if the book is better.