16 July 2008

The Courtyard.

The Courtyard by Marcia Willett, has failed to hold my interest. Early in the novel I had gotten sucked in, but now in the middle, I cannot stand it anymore. I don't know exactly where, but I was un-sucked. The drama, I think, was badly done and even ruining to the story, the characters are not like-able enough for me and just the thought of the story as a whole makes me want to roll my eyes. I can already see it turning into a little happily-ever-after read, which I do not care for at the moment. Simply not for me after all.

First, there was Gillian, I simply despised her at first, and liked her at the same time for her bold wickedness. I still kind of liked her in the middle of the book, but not enough to keep reading to find out what happens to her and Henry. Then there was John, who plainly, was a mere idiot. Nell, his wife, was a close runner up in idiocy. I understood her situation and even where she may have been coming from, but I did not like her simply because she took all that crap and seemed too easily to let John off the hook when she was so worried. (Which was often repeated in her thoughts.) I remember on top of one of the pages (this being a library book, remember) there was written in pencil in reference to something incredibly stupid John had just done in the story: "What an idiot!" I was in total agreement. (Though very much annoyed that someone wrote in a book, which I erased.) But I could not help but agree. And chuckle at it a little. Goodness. Other characters are not really worth a mention from me, so I shall leave it at that.

I should have just stuck with my Christy Brown books. As with all of them, I am looking forward to starting A Shadow on Summer, tonight - or possibly earlier. :)

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