01 July 2008

Of Snails and Skylarks.

(Cute cover, no?) This was..wonderful, to say the least. I love his work in this book. It just seemed more freshly done and more concentrated. And, I could not help but positively die over one of them in particular, the one titled Victoria. My real name is, of course, Victoria. :D (I use "Little Lotte" here because it is my book blog, and one of my favorite books is Gaston Leroux's, The Phantom of the Opera. Christine Daae is, you guessed it, Little Lotte, and oh wouldn't I love to live and die as The Phantom's [Erik's] love interest. Ahem. Enough side-tracking now!) Anyway, I am Victoria, and I am thrilled to finally come across a poem, by one of my favorites, entitled with my name. Even though it certainly was not written for me. (I wish!) I still love it. And the fact that California (where I am from and currently still live) is mentioned in it, thrills me even more. I can't help but wonder what it was like and how they were to have such a poem written. But that's just my silly heart wondering such things as it often does.

Now back to his Down All the Days, and then concentrating on his other novels.

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