29 June 2008

wandering the bookstore.

I recently watched the movie version of Little Women, due to my obsession with Christian Bale, and I positively loved it so I decided to finally buy the book. I've been wanting the book anyhow so this time it just seemed right to go ahead and buy it since I had the bit of extra money in my pocket - sort of like an early birthday present for myself. :p Now I can barely wait to get through my Christy Brown books so I can read that. On a silly note; I am thrilled that it is blue. Blue is my favorite color. :p Yay.

I went to Barnes & Noble to get it, because I love their classics books they have going. While I was there browsing around I spotted two books I've been trying to find time for to get them from the library: Twilight, and New Moon. Both by Stephenie Meyer. I've never read her before but I spotted Twilight in the library catalog a bit ago and have wanted to check it out since. I took a look at them and I think I'll probably get them next from the library. Not only does the vampire factor interest me, but the covers are so lovely. It'll probably be a month or so though before I get a chance to get them, because I plan to order some books for my birthday on Saturday. I want to get the last three books of Sadie Montgomery's Phantom series, and that book by Georgina Hambleton on Christy Brown. If I'm able to get them I shall have lots of reading to do this summer. :)

Speaking of lots of reading, I cannot believe I have already read 19 books this year. This may not be a lot to some, but it is for me. Usually I'm only around 10 or 12 this time of year, so I'm quite pleased with myself. :p


skrishna said...

What did you think of the Twilight books? I loved the first one, disliked the second and enjoyed the third!

Georgina said...

Hi Lot,

My name is Georgina Hambleton, I recently wrote a book about the Irish painter and author Christy Brown. I love your blog - tonight I have found myself unable to sleep and after googling Christy and myself I stumbled upon your writing. I have to say, it seems to me you have a writer's soul and I am really touched by what you have said about Christy.
I thought perhaps you might like me to email you some of his unpublished letters/poems and other writings (I am presently working on a book whose working- title is "The unpublsihed works of Christy Brown"). I would be more than happy to send you some copies of these letters, and some of his paintings. The best way to reach me is by this email:


I am sure if you like his work that much, you will enjoy his letters - I think some of his best work is in these pages.

Also, a funny conincidence, I am reading Little Women at the moment and I love it. I think that Alcott has an amazing way of bringing her characters and their world to life - I am rather envious, truth be told, as this is such a great and rather a rare skill for a writer to have. Also, the text is simple and innocent and this, in fact , is not easy to create.

I hope your love for Europe and literature takes you to great places and helps to make you dreams come true - and for your fifty book count, try:
'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho.

Do email if you would like a "private preview of Brown's work" and thanks for brightening up my day in a very big way, your blog really touched my heart.