13 May 2012

What Do You Do? (1)

(I meant to write/post this yesterday, but I just didn't get around to it.)

What do you do when you realize you don't like the writing style of the book you are reading? Do you give up on it & remove the book from the list? Try out another book by that author, just to be sure? Do you remove everything by that author and avoid them like the plague and move on to your next read? :p

I recently found myself bored to death by a couple of books. I always hate giving up on books, but sometimes, I feel I just have to. This led me to wonder what other readers out there do, so I thought I would share my thoughts on it and I hope you will too. :)
When I find myself not digging a book, it depends on my mood to what I decide to do. Sometimes, I stick with it, sometimes I don't. Recently, I decided to just give up and move on to the next book on my list. Because honestly, I went a little e-book crazy at the library and I have at least five more books coming in over the next few weeks, so I don't feel I really had time enough to spend more time on that book to read it any further. I also decided to remove it completely from my list. I don't want to return to it at all, because I really just wasn't enjoying it. It was dull feeling and I actually found myself wanting to fall asleep while reading it. That was just one of the books.

The second book, it was okay, but not really grabbing my attention enough and really holding on to it. I also removed that book from my list. But; I'm finding myself feeling like maybe I want to try it again sometime when I feel less in a time crunch, and can really give it the attention it probably deserved. That is where things really differ though. One author I might try again, the other, I have no desire what-so-ever to do so. I'm perfectly fine with letting it go, no second thoughts.
I almost didn't finish Outlander last year because I found the beginning to be a little slow. But once Claire went through the stones, I was hooked. I also had some library books at that time that I needed to read that I knew I wouldn't be able to renew, but I just couldn't put it down! The same thing happened recently. I was reading Fifty Shades of Grey, knowing I had those other books with less time to read them, but I couldn't tear myself away. It made it even harder to get into them in fact. I just read that really maddening book, and then there I was on my next read not really feeling anything. It was just...disappointing, really.
So, what do you do? Do you put it aside and hope you'll pick it up again in the right mood? Or do you feel you know your reading habits better than that and just by-pass it altogether? 
As for authors, again it depends. If I read something previously that I liked, but the current book I'm reading isn't up to standard, I usually try to make it to the end. Also, I usually only do that with favorite authors. Sometimes with authors I heard a lot of good things about as well. The two recent books I gave up on - I had never heard of either author before..
So, that's my (detailed) take on things. :)


Anonymous said...

If there's simply no redeeming factor to the book I give up now. I'm tired of plodding through books that I have no interest in.

I don't want to die and my corpse be found holding a bad book! *lol*

Victoria said...

Lol. That is a shudderful thought! I'd be horrified if I died holding a copy of Twilight. :p

Anonymous said...

So very true! We need Middle-earth and opera ghosts!