30 December 2011

Wrapping It All Up: Jane Austen Month.

Well, my Jane Austen month was pretty much a bust, lol. But I should have spent more time on it. Maybe next year I'll have another one, and I'll have a better starting point. :) I hope you all at least liked Mr. Darcy Week. That was fun to explore his character a little bit more like that.
I wish I could have gotten to posting my (four, soon to be five) reviews, but the holidays were just too distracting. But that wasn't the whole point in me having this Jane Austen month. My real goal was to see if my fandom for her could grow, and I am so happy to say that it did indeed. I also really discovered just how much I really like Mr. Darcy and Lizzy Bennet. I am anxious to discover and get to know more of her characters, I even bought this book which I can hardly wait to dive in to. I have four books here staring at me, waiting to be finished, and started. Plus three more coming from the library - & I am quite excited about them. So there is probably going to be a lot more Jane Austen talk next month as well. But of course, I will try to put a break in between all the Jane-related reviews.
So, thanks for following my Jane Austen month, what there was of it, anyway!


bookishhobbit said...

Sad to say Northanger Abbey failed to hold my attention against books that interest me more than Austen. Maybe I'll try to read the woman's books at a later time when I don't have so many books to read. Maybe I'll be ready for Jane Austen Month 2012?!

Victoria said...

LOL I hope I'll be ready for it, too.

I think for me it was just the matter of picking up the right book at the right time. I hate that feeling of trying to concentrate on a particular book, but the others are calling to you, loudly.