17 December 2011

Mr. Darcy Week (7)

Mr. Darcy Week, day seven: A Letter to Mr. Darcy.

Dear Mr. Darcy,

I first really got to know you in a film adaptation of Pride and Prejudice, and I'm not ashamed to admit that I became rather fond of you in that first viewing. I then got to know more of you from the book. Unfortunately I was not fond of the book much at all. I was a little disappointed, to be honest. But it did not lessen my liking for you at all, only the author's writing. For a long time I ignored, or avoided her books, until recently. When I decided to give Jane Austen another chance, I came across a mountain of Mr. Darcy books, all about you, and you know, I was rather...amused and surprised at just how many there are out there. On my venture to learn more about Austen's appeal to so many people, I thought it might be a little fun, and helpful, to read some character & story continuations of her work. (It has been very helpful.) While I'm sure her other works are appreciated, I have realized that your story is indeed the most popular. & I can see exactly why, well, mostly.
From the continuing books I have read related to you, half of those authors have stated their characters in basically saying that you are a most ideal, desirable man. I cannot help but agree to that in general. I say in general because you are the most popular amongst her male characters. The books are out there to prove it. Right now, for me, you are the one I like best because yours is the only story of hers I have read. I hate to say my opinion might change in the future, but of course it could. I adore finding new literary heroes to love and villains to love/hate alike. But as Pride and Prejudice being the first one of Austen's to have read, you will always be at least near the top amongst her characters. And certainly right now you are very near the top, with many other literary heroes I have come to know and love.
I wish I could express myself more clearly, but my problem is that, I've simply read too many versions of you recently. I think I should probably go back and re-read Pride and Prejudice before I write any more to you, it was quite a while back since I did read it. But I will clearly say this, from the movie point-of-view that is, I found you rather handsome, a little confusing in your demeanor, but in the end, quite commendable and romantic. I am glad to have met such a character as yourself.
- Victoria.

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