17 December 2011

Mr. Darcy Week (6)

Mr. Darcy Week, day six: If Mr. Darcy were Supernatural...

Right now I am reading Amanda Grange's Mr. Darcy, Vampyre - I'm only seventeen pages in, and he hasn't revealed his secret yet to Lizzy, but still, it got me thinking: What kind of a supernatural creature would Mr. Darcy be, and would he be a good one, or a bad one? A bit hard for me to say, but after some thought, I think he'd be a Werewolf. Not just because I prefer them to Vampires and other creatures, but I've never heard (read) of a Vampire quite like Mr. Darcy. I think his personality is closer to that of a Werewolf's. Those that I've come across in literature-land are usually on the brooding side of things, serious and seeming to carry the world on their shoulders in some way or another. That, I think, is definitely closer to Mr. Darcy. As for good or bad, I of course choose good, he is a gentleman after all. I think he'd be fiercely protective though, territorial even.
I don't think he'd make a very good Vampire. (But who knows, by the end of the above stated book, I might be swayed, a little.) I hate to think of him as a cold, unfeeling, able-to-turn-off-his-humanity; Vampire. Not to mention actually being dead, yet alive via drinking human blood. (Really, is it truly a pleasant thought picturing Mr. Darcy as totally blood thirsty - at least in the beginning? Not for me, it isn't.) Especially after giving the worst proposal ever, and then doing everything he could to make things right, just for Elizabeth, the woman he loved. I like to think those are closer to Werewolf traits, than Vampire traits. Of course I know there are some exceptions to Vampires, such as Stefan Salvatore, and...hmm. He's the only one that comes to mind right now. Anyhoo, that's basically my take on Mr. Darcy as a supernatural being. How about you all? Any takes on Mr. Darcy as a supernatural, or, any other classic fiction character for that matter?

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The Lit Bitch said...

I see you are reading Mr Darcy Vampire.....how is that? I saw it at a bookstore and almost bought it but I feared I wouldn't like it. I've read Pride and Prejudice and Zombies and liked it but I wasn't sure I would like Mr Darcy as a vampire but I could be wrong so I'm curious what you think so far....BTW, I'm dying to get Death Comes to Pemberly that one looks good too!!