12 December 2011

Mr. Darcy Week (2)

Mr. Darcy Week, day two: My Favorite Mr. Darcy Novel.
If you haven't looked them up before, as I hadn't when I first started searching for Jane Austen character related fiction, you may not believe just how many Mr. Darcy novels there are out there. There are dozens upon dozens of them. Obviously, he has made quite an impact on many female readers and authors out there to have so many to choose from. I am pleased to say I managed to find a couple of decent ones (and some not so decent ones) that I rather liked (and disliked). But I digress, my favorite one, so far, is Amanda Grange's Mr. Darcy's Diary.
I don't want to say too much about it before I've gotten a chance to review it, but so far it is the only one that seemed original enough to stand on it's own two book feet. Even though I had read it right after another Darcy's-viewpoint story, it was a refreshing take on Pride and Prejudice. Offering a pleasing viewpoint from Mr. Darcy's take on things. So if you're looking for a good place to start in this area of Austen-related fiction, you might want to consider starting with this read.

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