24 July 2011

Seaside Cinderella.

Author: Anna Schmidt.
Genre: Historical-Romance.
Source: Library Book.
Rating: 3 out of 5.
Nantucket Island #1

Synopsis from Goodreads.com:
The tranquility of Nantucket Island offered poor but proud Lucie McNeil refuge, a place to dream about a better life. Her quiet existence as companion to an elderly couple was a blessing for the tragedy-haunted Irish immigrant. But all that changed when her employers' handsome, elegantly attired son stepped ashore. For she recognized him instantly as the owner of the Boston factory where a terrible fire had scarred her forever. She knew she should hate Gabriel Hunter, yet she could not. She found herself drawn to the caring soul she sensed behind the ruthless facade he showed the world. And she could not help dreaming that such different people--a poor servant girl and a wealthy merchant prince--might somehow make a life together.

My Review:
I have to admit by the synopsis alone, this book really seemed like a load of cheese. And sometimes nothing but cheese can be a great and relaxing read. But this was not all cheese. It was a very pleasant, easily enjoyable story. Filled with heartwarming faithful characters that really made me care about what happened to them, and what was going to happen to them - while I was reading it.
However, this book only got a three star rating because of the cover - Lucie is described as having dark hair, not as a blonde. And two: the type of book this was. Even though I enjoyed this story while I was reading it, it was average. In the sense that I didn't think about it. I didn't spend my time while I was doing something else I had to do, thinking about this book. I wasn't excited by it. But then again, I wasn't truly expecting an exciting read with this one. The last "Love Inspired Historical" I read, was horrifyingly bad. I was a little reluctant to start this one. But it was on my TBR list for a reason and it passed the 25-page test. So I went on with it, and I'm glad I did.
But enough of all that rambling, the most lovable characters, were of course the hero and heroine: Gabe and Lucie. I really loved them. I loved how Lucie kept her faith, and even though Gabe seemed very guarded at times; he found a way to let Lucie into his heart. But, best of all, he admitted his mistakes in the past and did everything he could to make things as right as they possibly could go. Once I realized what he was trying to do, for Lucie and most importantly; himself, I found it to be truly redeeming and well...just plain heartwarming. I think it really showed how much he cared to make things right, not only for Lucie, but for others he had unwittingly harmed as well.
But, there were several points in the story where I became worried over what might happen between the two of them. I couldn't understand it at first, but Lucie's resistance to him became a little tiresome. I began wishing she would just give in to her feelings for him and him to do the same as well. They actually seemed a little stand-offish, and not just in the beginning where it made sense, but throughout the entire story, even when it seemed they were warming to one another, someone would put a little wall up. I found this just plain annoying/exasperating at times; because I wanted them to get together so bad! They were so perfectly suited for each other in my opinion.
Overall, this was a great story while reading it, wonderful characters, touching story, but in a way, on the average side.

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bookishhobbit said...

It amazes me how covers do not reflect the details of the story inside. This is especially unfortunate in movie tie-in covers.