27 July 2011

The Exile.

Author: Diana Gabaldon.
Genre: Graphic Novel.
Source: Personal Copy.
Rating: 3 out of 5.

I was really excited when I first found out about this book, because I love Jamie Fraser so much, I thought it would be really interesting to see his side of the story. And that is essentially what this book was supposed to be: Jamie's point of view. But, I don't think it was, really. The story part of this book was on the disappointing side.
Here's why I feel that way: there wasn't much difference at all from what happened in Outlander. (Which does make sense, I realize it is virtually the same story, but there was nothing special about this. Nothing different enough.) In the foreword of sorts; this is described as what happened to Jamie while Claire wasn't there, how he saw Claire, and there was supposed to be a little sub-plot going as well - which there was, barely. I had such high expectations and hopes for this novel because I loved Outlander so much, but it wasn't really what it was supposed to be, in my opinion. I think it could have been so much more. I would have liked to see more of Geilie's story, more of what happened to Jamie before he went back to Scotland, and also more of Murtagh's thoughts as well. and based on the thickness of Outlander, I hoped this would have a little more width to it - even knowing that it wouldn't be covering all of Outlander, just a portion of it, I just really believe there could have been more in this.
This book was not all disappointing though. The artwork was wonderful. It was really great to be able to get a better image of the characters the author created. You can see a sample of it here on the author's website. (and is it just me, or does the man in that second panel look like Sean Bean?)
I don't have much else to say about this book, except that if you're willing to ignore the story and just admire the artwork and enjoy seeing the characters and some interesting scenes from Outlander come to life in a way, then this could be the book you're looking for.

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