15 June 2011

Is it, or not..

Is it totally crazy to want Jamie Fraser's clan motto (in french), (Je suis pret: I am ready.) for my next tattoo? Seriously, is it? I need opinions... I also looked up some other, Gaelic sayings, words, etc. But can't stop thinking about that motto, at all. I don't know. I'm giving myself until December to decide. It's not like I don't already have a bookish word on myself, so it wouldn't be too odd for me. But if I find it still floating in my head by then, I guess it could be considered done.
Anyway, sorry for the silent hiatus. I've been stinking at reading, thus stinking at blogging. But the Romance theme really is coming next month, my reading habits have improved. :) (I love you reading gods, for shining down on me with "Outlander.") See you next month everyone! :) (Really.)

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